Soar into March – Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow Pose)


Parsva Bakasana – Side Crow Pose

Parsva – Side Baka – (Crane /Crow) Asana – Pose

Level: 1-2

Welcome to March. Spring is in the air and we’ve had a couple of beautiful days here. And this has put a spring in my step, I love this time of year when I start to feel light, energised and strong making it the perfect time of year for arm balances.

There’s a lot of elements to Side Crow, there’s a deep twisting action, a deep squatting action and strong chatrunga arms. There is a lot of emphasis on core and upper body strength along with hip and spinal flexibility so even of you don’t manage to get any actual air time in the actual pose, working towards side crow pose has a host of benefits.

Some people find the twisted version of crow pose easier than crow pose itself because it can feel more stable. The key to making this pose easier is the ability to twist deeply to allow for the upper arm to contact to the outer thigh so your arm creates a shelf for your legs. It requires a blend of strong mental focus and sense of surrender… letting go of the fruits of your labor and enjoying the process. The aim is not to just get the feet off the floor but more in mastering the actions of the pose, allow that to be your focus and then the floating will come more easily.

So lets dive in to the actions and benefits of Parvsa Bakasana:


  • Improves concentration

  • Increases body awareness

  • Increases self confidence

  • Helps you to learn to stay calm and clear headed while having to balance, increases you ability to handle life’d difficulties with more ease


  • Improves balance and co-ordination

  • Improves detoxification process in the body

  • Twisting your torso helps massage the abdominal organs including the kidneys and liver.

  • Improves flexibility throughout the entire spine and lower back

  • Stretches upper back and groin

  • Tones the belly

  • Strengthens arms, shoulders and wrists


  • Improves digestion


Steps into Parsva Bakasana

  • Recent or chronic wrist, shoulder or back injury

  • Carpel Tunnel

  • Pregnancy


  • Use blankets or cushions for a crash pad for your head to help overcome the fear of falling

  • You can place a block under your feel to give you more accessibility to get upper arms on thigh

  • Spread fingers wide and distribute weight evenly between both palms and all the fingers

  • Heels and buttocks as close together as possible so you’re in a tight little ball

  • Look forward as much as you can without compressing your neck as looking down or back will knock you of your balance point and you will fall.

  • Hip can rest on arm for more support but this will require more of a twist

  • Remember most people fall when learning this pose so don’t take yourself to seriously and have fun.

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