Lighten and Energise Your Side Body Gate Pose – Parighasana

September Pose of the Month

Parighasana – Gate Pose

Parigh – An iron bar or beam used for locking or shutting a gate Asana – Pose

Level: Beginner

In August we increased circulation in our hips helping to create a sense of space and balance to invite new ideas into our awareness. This month we will aim to open up the side body, it is often an neglected and forgotten part of our body in our day to day lives. To me side bends are like a big yawn for the whole body, I instantly feel a little bit more awake and energised after a side bending practice.

One of the great benefits of Parighasana is that it stretches the inter-coastal muscles around the rib-cage allowing more movement in the ribs so the lungs can expand and open. This helps to improve the functioning of the lungs aiding respiratory ailments such as asthma, allergies, colds and flu, this is the perfect time to practice Gate Pose as it will help to build up the strength of the lungs just before cold and flu season so you if you do catch a cold this winter your lungs might be able to recover quicker.


  • Helps build confidence



  • Stretches side of torso from hips to finger tips

  • Boosts flexibility of spine

  • Stretches abdominal muscles and creates space for abdominal organs

  • Opens shoulders

  • Stretches inter-coastal muscles

  • Tones waist

  • Improves breathing


  • Aids digestion

  • Aids Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Helps to regulate kidney functions helping to flush toxins from the body

  • Stimulates stomach, spleen and liver

  • Great for pregnancy as it helps to create more space for your baby and organs


  • Current or recent knee injury

  • Inflammation on hips or spine


  • If your knee is uncomfortable place a blanket or low block under the knee

  • If you can’t press the foot of the extended leg into the floor, you can lift the ball of the foot up or press the foot against the wall

  • Keep the extended leg straight and keep the torso aligned over the thigh

  • Do not press your hand into your knee.. keep it light

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