Emma Costello with a dog

About Your Teacher

Hi my name is Emma Costello!

Hi my name is Emma. I’m a chocolate loving, wine drinking, meat eating yoga teacher out of Monaghan and I believe that life is all about balance. I believe that nothing is definitively good or bad, a little bit of everything is what keeps us motivated, nourished and happy.

I aim to find that balance within the classes that I teach, you’ll find a little bit of Yin (feminine,calm cooling energy) and a little bit of Yang (masculine, energising and heat building energy).

You’ll learn how to align your body as best you can to safely practice the yoga asana’s (poses). You’ll learn to breathe more deeply, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest system), helping to promote self healing. You may even experience a giggle or two through out the classes.


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Prepare for childbirth through gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises It is a great opportunity for mothers-to-be to connect and discuss their growing babies and changing bodies.